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Fuchsia plants are also available for purchase at shows we attend - check our Calander.

The Fuchsia is a delightful flowering shrub and one of the most versatile plants available to the home gardener. When established in the garden bed or growing in a pot or basket the enchanting bells of colour will add breathtaking beauty to any setting. It blooms in profusion for many months of the year.

Weald View Gardens grew out of a love for Fuchsias and we hope to foster this same interest in those who visit our nursery and wander through the picturesque display garden. Here, the long tendrils of colour cascading from the hanging baskets and the natural rock-edged gardens show the Fuchsias to their best advantage from November to June.

Novice and experienced gardeners alike will find the Fuchsia a most rewarding plant to grow. We stock many of the spectacular new varieties and species as well as the old favourites. We are continually adding new fuchsia cultivars from overseas and Australia as well as our own.

We are a specialist nursery and offer advice on the selection and
cultivation of Fuchsias to enable you to achieve the best results.


                                                         Chris, Roger and Don Scrase



October Long Weekend to June Long Weekend

Closed end June Long Weekend to beginning October Long Weekend 
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day (26th Dec), New Years Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day until 12 noon

To visit the Nursery outside these times please contact us to make arrangements.

Bus and other groups welcome.


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Garden Shows

We were part of a number of Garden Shows, some in the city and others in the country.

It is always great to talk Fuchsias with other growers. We hope our advice helps gardeners grow their Fuchsias successfully but we also learn from others’ success. We are able then to pass on information to people to help them in their Fuchsia growing.

Our country nursery visits are always great fun. We have been visiting these nurseries for many years and it is always great to catch up with country Fuchsia growers.

Although our retail outlet is closed through winter, you are welcome to ring if you need advice or we always have plants available and can arrange to open the nursery for you.

We wind down a bit through the winter months but spend the time preparing for the new season. We look forward to our many shows next year and to meeting again the many Fuchsia growers throughout South Australia and Australia.


MIFGS 2018

MIFGS 2018 MIFGS 2018

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Nursery Open weekends and some public holidays

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Garden Shows 2018

Weald View Gardens displaying and selling Fuchsias at the following:

November - 24h - 9am to 1pm - Fullarton Market - Fullarton Park Community Centre - 411 Fullarton road - Fullarton

December - 15th - 9am to 1 pm - Fullarton Christmas Market - Fullarton Park Community Centre - 411 Fullarton Road-  Fullarton  


Spring Fuchsias

It is easy to forget that fertilising is vitally important for healthy plants and good flowering. In a container, a controlled release fertiliser that lasts for at least 6 months gives a good balanced supply of feed necessary for strong growth. Given at pruning time, the fertiliser is available as soon as the plants begin their spring growth.

In the garden, organic fertiliser provides good feed for the Fuchsias. About a handful to each plant out from the stem will last for about 3 months.

Light is equally important for strong growth. Not enough light leaves the Fuchsia weak, susceptible to pest and disease attack and in danger of burning when the hot weather comes. Fuchsias need about half sun half shade, either under shade cloth or somewhere that gets morning sun and protection from the hot afternoon sun in summer and the hot winds.

A good light position also encourages good flowering as a Fuchsia in the shade will not flower well.

Watch your watering as it is easy to forget while the weather is cool. As the plants grow and produce leaves and buds they require more water, A little trick with baskets is to feel how heavy the container is when wet and test the weight, so you can see when the Fuchsia needs watering again. The container becomes lighter as the water is used.

It is a great time for Fuchsias as they grow and come into flower. We all look forward to a colourful Fuchsia season.


George Risden Fuchsia Fuchsia

Fuchsia Focus

Fuchsia "Weald View Willow"

A Weald View Gardens chance seedling released New in 201.

This Fuchsia is  prolific and long flowering with red sepals and a red corolla.

Will grow in baskets and pots but if established well it will grow in a sunny position in the garden.

A versatile Fuchsia.




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