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Fuchsia plants are also available for purchase at shows we attend - check our Calendar.

The Fuchsia is a delightful flowering shrub and one of the most versatile plants available to the home gardener. When established in the garden bed or growing in a pot or basket the enchanting bells of colour will add breathtaking beauty to any setting. It blooms in profusion for many months of the year.

Weald View Gardens grew out of a love for Fuchsias and we hope to foster this same interest in those who visit our nursery and wander through the picturesque display garden. Here, the long tendrils of colour cascading from the hanging baskets and the natural rock-edged gardens show the Fuchsias to their best advantage from November to June.

Novice and experienced gardeners alike will find the Fuchsia a most rewarding plant to grow. We stock many of the spectacular new varieties and species as well as the old favourites. We are continually adding new fuchsia cultivars from overseas and Australia as well as our own.

We are a specialist nursery and offer advice on the selection and
cultivation of Fuchsias to enable you to achieve the best results.


                                                         Chris, Roger and Don Scrase



October Long Weekend to June Long Weekend

Closed end June Long Weekend to beginning October Long Weekend 
Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day (26th Dec), New Years Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day until 12 noon

To visit the Nursery outside these times please contact us to make arrangements.

Bus and other groups welcome.


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New Releases 2019

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Garden Shows

We were part of a number of Garden Shows, some in the city and others in the country.

It is always great to talk Fuchsias with other growers. We hope our advice helps gardeners grow their Fuchsias successfully but we also learn from others’ success. We are able then to pass on information to people to help them in their Fuchsia growing.

Our country nursery visits are always great fun. We have been visiting these nurseries for many years and it is always great to catch up with country Fuchsia growers.

Although our retail outlet is closed through winter, you are welcome to ring if you need advice or we always have plants available and can arrange to open the nursery for you.

We wind down a bit through the winter months but spend the time preparing for the new season. We look forward to our many shows next year and to meeting again the many Fuchsia growers throughout South Australia and Australia.


MIFGS 2018

MIFGS 2018 MIFGS 2018

Barossa Nursery

Barossa 2016

Fullarton Market

Clare 2016

Festival of Flowers

Festival of Flowers 2016

Hutchison's Nursery

Hutchison's 2016


Nursery Open:

October Long Weekend to June Long Weekend

Weekends and Some Public Holidays -Contact us for further information

Garden Shows 2019

Weald View Gardens is displaying and selling Fuchsias at the following:

March – 27th – March– 31st – Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

April 7th -SA Autumn Garden Festival- Clare

April – 131h – ABC Gardeners Market - Collinswood

April – 20th – 21st - Barossa Nursery - Nuriootpa

April – 27th -28th – Festival of Flowers - St Paul’s College - Gillis Plains

April – 27th - Fullarton Market

May – 4th-5th – The Earthworks – Berri

May – 10th-12th – Hutchison’s Nursery – Naracoorte

May – 18th – Yorkreactions – Minlaton.

May – 25th – Fullarton Market

Please note: Due to the Garden Shows, the Nursery will be CLOSED on the following days.

March 31st, May 5th, and  May 12th


Autumn Fuchsias

Autumn is here and the weather should be perfect for Fuchsias.

We have had some very hot weather this Summer and well into Autumn. The Fuchsias have experienced quite a bit of stress with all the heat.

Plants that were trimmed early January have coped better with the heat and will be flowering beautifully.

The trim prune early January means the Fuchsia requires a lot less work to keep them healthy. They will also flower a lot longer into the winter months.

If the long-range forecast for a warmer, drier winter comes true, we could have some lovely flowers right through the winter.

If you are planning to plant Fuchsias in the garden, wait until we have some decent rain.  It makes it easier for the Fuchsia to establish itself if the ground is moist to begin with. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long!

With a drier winter also comes the risk of frost. It can be better to pot on any plants you want to put into the garden into larger pots, protect them from the frost and then plant out in the spring when the risk of frost is minimal. Also, it is necessary to delay pruning if the frost is bad. Wait until the worst of the frosts are over before pruning as frost on any new shoots can burn.

 Make sure your Fuchsias have a constant supply of fertiliser now to prolong their flowering into the winter months. Healthy plants with plenty of light will flower well.

Enjoy your autumn and winter flowers.


George Risden

Fuchsia George Risdon


Fuchsia Waveney Gem


Fuchsia Bobby's Red Wings

Fuchsia Focus

Fuchsia "Lava Tube"

Lava Tube is a Weald View Gardens seedling.

Each single flower has a long tube-like corolla which is large for a single flower.

The growth is bushy and vigorous and is suitable for large baskets and pots, and can tolerate the warmer weather in a garden.





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